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Sports equipment

čištění hokejové výstroj, čištění lyžařských a snowboardových potřeb, čištění sportovních potřeb

Sports equipment, such as hockey equipment, motorcycle helmets and overalls, or ski clothing, often require very specific procedures due to non-traditional types and combinations of layered materials. Common types like Gore-tex, softshell, fleece and other materials are getting busy. It is not so much about pollution, but rather about the absorption of sweat, salts and fats from the human body, which reduce their functionality and can also smell very unpleasant.

These products benefit from follow-up treatment,

such as impregnation with dedicated preparations and ozone disinfection, to eradicate all borne bacteria. Sports jerseys, jackets and other equipment are made of special materials that require special detergents and procedures. Professional dry cleaners can take care of your sports equipment better than you do at home.

hockey equipment

skiing outfit

motoring helmet

cycling helmet


1150 CZK

470 CZK

450 CZK

250 CZK

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