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Hand ironing

There is nothing like pulling on a freshly ironed shirt.
And if you've ever tried to iron a shirt well, you know
that it requires some skill.

The difference is when you send a shirt to a dry cleaner's,
where they use large machines to press the shirt.
If you've tried it, you know that shirts sometimes come back with wrinkles or spots.

We will take care of your clothes by hand ironing in a way which a machine press cannot.

wedding dress
wedding skirts
jacket / coat

550 CZK
275 CZK
135 CZK
65 CZK
95 CZK / kg

We iron and press clothes and bed linen, according to their actual weight. Therefore, the price is not affected by the complexity of the design, and therefore the service is also suitable for your everyday laundry.

Pressing bed linen

Pressing or ironing machine is a mechanical laundry machine that works on the principle of one or more heated parallel rollers. It is mainly used for mass ironing of larger pieces of bed linen. 


Our dry cleaning and laundry is equipped with fully ecological machines that allow very gentle and at the same time very efficient ironing of fabrics of all kinds.

The services are often used by hotels, boarding houses, restaurants, doctor's surgeries and the general public. We will always take care of every single piece of your clothing or any other fabric. An individual approach is a matter of course for us.

pressing price per 1 kg

with washing and starching

55 CZK

115 CZK

We iron and press clothes and bed linen, with a few exceptions, according to their actual weight. Therefore, the price is not affected by the complexity of the design, and therefore the service is also suitable for your everyday laundry.

Aqua clean ( wet cleaning)

What actually goes with wet cleaning? It is a wash under very special and extremely gentle conditions, while the care of maintenance is reflected in all the factors that affect washing. Due to this gentle technology, wet cleaning cannot be carried out in home washing machines and the customer must turn to a specialized treatment plant that has the necessary machinery and chemicals.

So what is frugality? For wet cleaning, special detergents with excellent wettability, very effective enzymes and a balanced effect at low washing temperatures are used. In addition, they contain substances that block the adverse effect of water on textiles, such as wool. For the post-wash treatment, special substances are again used which support the re-recovery of the fabric, increase its softness and color brilliance.

The second component of the washing process is the mechanical action of the washing machine on the fabric. A much smaller load is put into the washing machine during wet cleaning than during a normal wash (only about 30 percent of the nominal load), washing takes a shorter time and at temperatures of only 25 - 30 ° C.

In addition to the ordinary cleaning, the pleasant smell of the goods and the perfect removal of water-soluble impurities, the ecological purity of the technology, the high hygienic standard and no hazardous waste are a bonus.


Feather cleaning


Do you have feather duvets at home and don't even remember the last time you had them cleaned? Our cleaning technology completely removes all impurities, bacteria, mold and mites from the feathers. Feathers are a natural material, so regular cleaning is important.

Cleaning takes place in several stages on a special machine.

Our machine is very gentle and there is no change in the quality of feathers. In the final stage, we put the cleaned and scented feathers into a new sewn loose.

Carpet cleaning

vyčistit koberec od kávy od moči od vína

Carpet cleaning takes place on a fully automated line with the help of ecological means, which are more than 90% biodegradable.

Before cleaning, we knock out your carpet, detach it and then apply special chemicals, then put it in the machine, where it is cleaned with the help of six nozzles and four brushes. The next step is centrifugation and slow drying.

The last step is its hairlessness and expulsion.

Only when we are satisfied with the cleaning,

We will pack your carpet and send it back.

Strollers hand cleaning

Have one of our cleaning experts scrub all the germs living on your baby equipment and hand it over to a quality provider.

Manual cleaning with disinfectant and anti-allergic foam will ensure you a hygienically clean and radiant pram and a car seat for your children.

pram deep

sports / golf stroller

Car seat (egg)

Car seat 9 - 36 kg

1150 CZK
1150 CZK
550 CZK
750 CZK

Employees are trained to monitor 3 P cleaning. Using the right Products (always natural, non-toxic, safe for children and parents agreed) after thorough Process (cleaning from top to bottom, 360 degrees, in every fold) and maintaining Profesionality (constantly enrich their knowledge of technology
and procedures for cleaning baby equipment).

Clothing modifications


Do you need to repair a dress or jacket, do you have a jammed zipper in otherwise perfect pants? Torn button?

Fair Laundry will take care of it!

Repairs to missing or broken buttons are free with each Fair Laundry order.

We also offer basic repairs, such as steamed seams or fabric breakage. Comprehensive repairs, such as the replacement of zippers and buckles. All items sent for repair are also chemically cleaned and charged at our normal cost of clothing.

There is nothing more unpleasant than a broken rider on the zipper of a popular jacket, too long or tight pants. We can solve most minor repairs without measurements and instructions. We can also solve larger interventions and sewing of clothes, which, however, would already require a personal meeting with a tailor.

zipper replacement

shortening of trousers  

jacket adjustment

crack repair

shoe repair

from 200 CZK

from 150 CZK

from 350 CZK

from 95 CZK

from 250 CZK

Sports equipment

čištění hokejové výstroj, čištění lyžařských a snowboardových potřeb, čištění sportovních potřeb

Sports equipment, such as hockey equipment, motorcycle helmets and overalls, or ski clothing, often require very specific procedures due to non-traditional types and combinations of layered materials. Common types like Gore-tex, softshell, fleece and other materials are getting busy. It is not so much about pollution, but rather about the absorption of sweat, salts and fats from the human body, which reduce their functionality and can also smell very unpleasant.

These products benefit from follow-up treatment,

such as impregnation with dedicated preparations and ozone disinfection, to eradicate all borne bacteria. Sports jerseys, jackets and other equipment are made of special materials that require special detergents and procedures. Professional dry cleaners can take care of your sports equipment better than you do at home.

hockey equipment

skiing outfit

motoring helmet

cycling helmet


1150 CZK

470 CZK

450 CZK

250 CZK

by agreement

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