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Skládání oblečení

& Fold

Pick up | Wash | Delivery

Ideal service for everyday laundry. Fair Laundry picks up the clothes right at your door and returns them freshly washed and perfectly folded.

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We pick up and deliver 5 days a week, always between 9.00 and 21.00 h.
Order online in Prague and its surroundings.

Washing, drying and folding of personal laundry into neat chimneys, or the "KonMari" method.

Also hand ironing and washing of personal and bed linen, home decorations, upholstery,

or pressing and starching of bedding, curtains and other textiles.

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How does it work?

easy 3 steps ...

Image by Annie Spratt

1. You will prepare


2. We wash

Image by Rowan Freeman

3. We'll bring it

Express delivery within 24 hours for only CZK 100

The price for Transport in Prague is 150 CZK

includes pick-up and standard delivery in 2-3 days.

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Snímek obrazovky 2021-04-29 v 20.40.00.p

Personal clothing

wash & fold       95 / Kg

with ironing       145 / Kg

only ironing       95 / Kg

Snímek obrazovky 2021-04-29 v 20.40.10.p


wash & fold      95 / Kg
with pressing    115 / Kg
only pressing    55 / Kg

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What can you expect?

Detailed inspection is a must

Your clothes and especially your pockets are always carefully checked before putting them in the washing machine so that nothing that does not belong there remains in the laundry. We do not spare caution.

Your preferences come first

Do you need a hypoallergenic detergent? Do you want fabric softener? Apretaci? Steam program? No problem! Just select your laundry preferences in the order and they are met in advance.

Precisely treated and neatly folded

Light and dark laundry is carefully separated. Your order is always washed separately, with gentle programs and resources to maintain color saturation (and save energy).

Precisely treated and neatly folded

Your clothes are perfectly folded, socks are paired and everything is ready for the return journey. Before shipment, we disinfect with ozone. Now all you have to do is stack it in the closet ...

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