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Pressing bed linen

Pressing or ironing machine is a mechanical laundry machine that works on the principle of one or more heated parallel rollers. It is mainly used for mass ironing of larger pieces of bed linen. 


Our dry cleaning and laundry is equipped with fully ecological machines that allow very gentle and at the same time very efficient ironing of fabrics of all kinds.

The services are often used by hotels, boarding houses, restaurants, doctor's surgeries and the general public. We will always take care of every single piece of your clothing or any other fabric. An individual approach is a matter of course for us.

pressing price per 1 kg

with washing and starching

55 CZK

115 CZK

We iron and press clothes and bed linen, with a few exceptions, according to their actual weight. Therefore, the price is not affected by the complexity of the design, and therefore the service is also suitable for your everyday laundry.

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