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Clothing modifications


Do you need to repair a dress or jacket, do you have a jammed zipper in otherwise perfect pants? Torn button?

Fair Laundry will take care of it!

Repairs to missing or broken buttons are free with each Fair Laundry order.

We also offer basic repairs, such as steamed seams or fabric breakage. Comprehensive repairs, such as the replacement of zippers and buckles. All items sent for repair are also chemically cleaned and charged at our normal cost of clothing.

There is nothing more unpleasant than a broken rider on the zipper of a popular jacket, too long or tight pants. We can solve most minor repairs without measurements and instructions. We can also solve larger interventions and sewing of clothes, which, however, would already require a personal meeting with a tailor.

zipper replacement

shortening of trousers  

jacket adjustment

crack repair

shoe repair

from 200 CZK

from 150 CZK

from 350 CZK

from 95 CZK

from 250 CZK

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