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Aqua clean ( wet cleaning)

What actually goes with wet cleaning? It is a wash under very special and extremely gentle conditions, while the care of maintenance is reflected in all the factors that affect washing. Due to this gentle technology, wet cleaning cannot be carried out in home washing machines and the customer must turn to a specialized treatment plant that has the necessary machinery and chemicals.

So what is frugality? For wet cleaning, special detergents with excellent wettability, very effective enzymes and a balanced effect at low washing temperatures are used. In addition, they contain substances that block the adverse effect of water on textiles, such as wool. For the post-wash treatment, special substances are again used which support the re-recovery of the fabric, increase its softness and color brilliance.

The second component of the washing process is the mechanical action of the washing machine on the fabric. A much smaller load is put into the washing machine during wet cleaning than during a normal wash (only about 30 percent of the nominal load), washing takes a shorter time and at temperatures of only 25 - 30 ° C.

In addition to the ordinary cleaning, the pleasant smell of the goods and the perfect removal of water-soluble impurities, the ecological purity of the technology, the high hygienic standard and no hazardous waste are a bonus.

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